Travel Reports from our members of their encounters in Israel and Palestine 

March 2024

In Israel/Palestine, some Christians have developed a non-violent approach to the conflict between (very right-wing) Jews and Palestinians. Many are inspired by it, but the war has multiplied the challenges. Several members of Church and Peace have gone to support the groups and people working for peace relentlessly: they need our support, especially at this time. The entire blog of the solidarity tour organised by the German Mennonite Peace Committee can be read online.

You can read how Gordon and Elias experienced the journey in their report here.

K also wrote down their perspective in this report.

Bruno has also sent us his article about the solidarity tour in French. You can read it here.

Partners in Israel-Palestine urgently invite visitation and support in this difficult time, and the German Mennonite Peace Committee (DMFK) is leading several trips this year to offer solidarity. We eagerly invite both people new to the Land and those who have visited before, recognizing the importance of reconnecting and strengthening ties in this time of vulnerability. So if Gordon’s, Elias’s, K’s or Bruno’s report made you curious, contact the DMFK and read more details in their invitation.


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