Wethen, 8 February 2019: Citizens of the European Union have the right and the opportunity to influence the outcome of elections to the European Parliament. Within the framework of the Ecumenical Consultation for Justice and Peace (ÖKGF), position checklist (German: Wahlprüfsteine) for the elections to the European Parliament on 23-26 May 2019 were developed in cooperation with several organisations, including Church and Peace.

The ‘position checklist‘ is intended to encourage you to approach candidates on the parties’ electoral lists for information and to critically enquire as to what they will stand up for when they are elected to the European Parliament. The checklist covers the following topics: Subsidising the arms industry or financing civil crisis prevention?; Strengthening non-military, non-violent crisis prevention; European arms exports; Migration and asylum.

Download the document here and use your vote as a citizen of the European Union.