‘And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus’ (Philippians 4:7)

Images of God and Nonviolence

15 -17 May 2020, Schoorl, Netherlands

Church and Peace is a Europe-wide ecumenical network. We are united by the peace church witness, the call to non-violence, which is at the centre of the Gospel.

At this conference we will explore the relation between ‘Images of God and Nonviolence’. This challenging theological theme raises the question of the (widespread patriarchal) image of God:

• Is there a direct relationship between the image of God and the promotion of violence or nonviolence?
• Which images of God promote nonviolence?
• Has peace theology overcome the patriarchal image of God?

Against this background we ask ourselves:

• What image of God do I have? How do I talk about and with God?
• How does this shape my commitment to peace?
• What understanding of God is expressed in the liturgical language and tradition of my community?
• How does it affect the structures of our communities?
• How we contribute to our groups, communities and churches developing a (gender) just theology of peace, a just (liturgical) language and attitudes?

We (also) consider the conference theme to be a contribution to engage with the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and later resolutions in the context of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. These call for more protection for women from sexual and gender-based violence in conflict situations, promotion of political participation of women, prevention of violence against women through the promotion of women’s rights and gender equality, as well as gender mainstreaming in all areas related to peace and security.

In workshops we will address and deepen individual aspects.

Further information is available in the leaflet for download.


Oorsprongweg 3
1871 HA Schoorl, Netherlands

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